75. Learn How to Grow to Exit With Laurie Barkman

75. Learn How to Grow to Exit With Laurie Barkman

As a business owner, exit planning is something that you only get one shot at. Have you considered growth through acquisitions as an exit plan?

In this episode, Tim Scannell is joined by Laurie Barkman, founder of SmallDotBig to discuss growth through acquisitions as a means of succession and exit planning for business owners. Laurie shares her recommendations and insights into what makes a successful business acquisition.

Laurie discusses:

  • Growth through acquisitions as a way to exit your business
  • What Laurie recommends to business owners looking for a growth-to-exit strategy
  • Why culture is important when you’re finding the right fit for an acquisition
  • The history and origin story of SmallDotBig
  • And more

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Connect With Laurie Barkman:

About Our Guest:

Laurie Barkman’s bio reads, “I launched SmallDotBig to help closely-held companies grow.

SmallDotBig is a business transition advisory firm for companies in the lower middle market, helping business owners maximize enterprise value, create succession plans, and identify M&A strategies.

As an Exit Planner and Certified Value Builder™ Advisor, I enjoy developing structured plans that empower the dreams of business owners.”

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